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Ventilation and air conditioning ductworks belong to those areas where various impurities, including bacteria, fungi, dust and dirt, are likely to settle. They all affect the quality of air that people occupying air-conditioned rooms breathe in. Currently, hardly anyone needs to be convinced how important for the human life is the environment that we live in.

Because most of the time we spend in closed rooms or compartments, where the only source of air is a ventilation system, we subject our health and well-being to air that is supplied that way. Therefore it seems more than reasonable to make sure that the ductwork is free from any impurities that might jeopardize human health. And human health means here equally the health of employers and employees.

For this reason, removing impurities from ventilation ductworks, although it is not an easy task and one that needs to be carried out with utmost care, will significantly improve our chances to stay healthy. Clean air will let you avoid such ailments as allergies, eye irritation, headaches, running nose, general tiredness, feeling nauseous, etc. One should also remember about the danger brought about by Langionella bacteria. These bacteria, which also reside inside air conditioning appliances, cause the so called Legionnaires' disease that may develop into or manifest itself as severe pneumonia.

Furthermore, ventilation ductworks are also frequently contaminated with flammable deposits that cause a fire hazard. Such deposits will include dust, grease coming from kitchen ventilation systems, threads and filament particles from people's clothes, etc. When ventilation ductworks are cleaned regularly, the risk of fire is significantly limited. And even if a fire does break out, its scope and range of damages are vastly reduced.

One should also note that clean ductworks are more efficient and reliable. They are less likely to break down and their lifetime is longer.

Due to the fact that various pathogenic bacteria and fungi are frequent dwellers in ventilation systems, microbiological tests should be carried out. First, tests are carried out before actual cleaning of the ventilation system to determine which disinfecting agent should be used. After the cleaning, tests are carried out again to check the effectiveness of the cleaning process. All test results will be made available to you.

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