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Below please find a short summary of currently binding legal provisions related to cleaning air conditioning systems.

Pursuant to

  • § 147 Clause 1 of the Resolution of the Minister of Infrastructure (Journal of Law No 75 of 15 June 2002, Item 690), ventilation and air conditioning systems ought to secure optimal indoor conditions, including adequate exchange of air, air cleanness, temperature, relative humidity, indoor air velocity, as well as to comply with other provisions and requirements of Polish Standards concerning ventilation systems (...)

  • § 153 Clause 6: ventilation and air conditioning ducts should be equipped with inspection openings enabling cleaning them from the inside, unless their construction is such that they can be cleaned otherwise.

  • § 154 Clause 3: mechanical ventilation and air conditioning equipment, such as , central units, fan air-conditioning and convection systems, air conditioners, heating equipment, and chilling and ventilation equipment should be installed in such a way that it is possible to control, maintain, repair or replace them as necessary.

Furthermore, § 30, Clause 2 of the Resolution of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration (Journal of Law, 2003, No. 121, Item 1138) stipulates that impurities should be removed from ventilation ducts at least once a year or more frequently if it is necessary due to the building usage characteristics.

European Union normative document No. ENV 12097 Ventilation for buildings. Ductwork. Requirements for ductwork components to facilitate maintenance of ductwork systems, specifies details concerning inspection openings.

The World Health Organisation published a report in 2000 in which it confirmed that quality of indoor air is an important marker of health and wellbeing. In line with the fundamental human right to health, every human being has the right to breathe healthy indoor air. (The Right to Healthy Indoor Air, Report on a WHO Meeting, Bilthoven, Holland, 15 - 17 May 2000)

Basing on these principles, every user of indoor spaces should be informed on health risks resulting from breathing polluted air.

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