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Zestaw DC4

The DC4 comes with the a light shaft constructed of a solid steel coil. This design makes the brush travel precisely in the center of the duct for a distance of up to 90 feet. Cleaning of vertical ducts from the bottom and up is done efficiently, - even a 90 degree bend is no obstacle. Another new feature is a adjustable, automatic left-to-right run system which makes cleaning of square ducts just as easy as round ducts. Just feed the shaft down the duct, and the Danduct Clean DC4 will do the rest. High quality, craftsmanship and innovative construction: the Danduct Clean DC4 Duct Cleaning machine is your way to a better cleaning job.

Ice Tech. The dry ice machine has been developed from a wish to make cleaning equipment, which especially considers the industry's wish to reduce the follow costs by cleaning of machinery . The advantage by dry ice cleaning is that it is a very efficient, but completely dry cleaning process, which does not leave any waste products. The dry ice evaporates and therefor most often can be used for cleaning of machinery, without dismantling it. Fields of application: Food production, Plastic industry, Petrol - chemical industry, Foundries, Chemical industry, printing houses, textile industry and all other places, where oil, fat, adhesives, paint, ink, bitumen, vax and other kinds of dirt are to be cleaned off.

Micro Inspector. The new remote controlled Danduct Clean inspection camera for professional inspection of HVAC systems. he compact 4-wheel camera system has two cameras, a colour camera on the front and a rear black and white camera. The low weight and compact size enables the new Micro Inspector to go into duct sizes as small as Digital Viewing. Everything can be viewed on the small LCD colour monitor. Or use the additional GrabBee program to view and record everything on your laptop. The Micro Inspector is easily controlled from the joystick and the powerfull LED lights provides you a perfect view of the inside of the duct work.

MPR (Multi Purpose Robot). The only professional and effective way of cleaning rectangular ductwork is by using a remote controlled robot. The special designed brush system enables the robot to perform a 100% job in those difficult corners. A strong 4-wheel drive and the proportional control of each engine separately, makes the robot go into curves without having to block any of the engines. The robot easily carries a compressed air hose or a coating cable to a distance of 30 meters or more.

TecCam TecCam is an easy to use lightweight manual inspection tool that can reach up to 12 meter inside the ductwork, it weighs less than 2 Kg. The black & White camera head with infrared light is positioned at a flexible shaft that can pass numerous 90° bends. It fits through 42 mm openings and can manoeuvre through most turning vaves. The infrared light source provides exceptional illumination with reduced glare on the duct surface.

Ventilator VT4000. With the new Danduct Clean VT4000 ventilator unit you have the perfect all-in-one solution to extract and filtrate all dust and debris from the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The mobile unit is equipped with a standard 16-m˛ Hepafilter, which allows you to use it even in strict surroundings like a hospital. For easy cleaning and to minimise downtime the filter unit is equipped with a rotorclean system, which will also extend the lifetime of the filter significantly. For extra filtration a Hepa filter cassette can be installed.

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